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The new course “SEO Outreach Specialist” is FREE. Selected participants will get a paid internship opportunity within three months at the office of IT company Devellar in Kyiv. The most successful participants will get a job offer from Devellar

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About Digital Academy

About Our Company

Digital Academy is a FREE distance learning project of Devellar company. No one needs to be told how revolutionary the Internet is. It has transformed both our personal lives and the world of commerce. Everyone is online, everyone is connected – and if you want to achieve great results, you need to be too. There are many people who earn money online, and you can do the same. Digital Academy is a distance learning project of Devellar company. Digital Academy offers professional online courses and personal coaching in all important Internet marketing subjects. Our company unites experienced professionals, who are dedicated to help students to master all courses… in only one months! We are here to teach you everything you need to know to be successful with your online business.

Why choose us?

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    Course is free

    Digital Academy course is completely free of charge for all participants – in order to start, you just need to pass English test at our site. We require at least upper intermediate level, because all course materials are in English and we need to assure that you will be comfortable with understanding them.

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    Our mentors

    Our digital marketing experts are a dedicated team specializing in web development and e-commerce. The company’s portfolio includes numerous successful projects in online marketing, education, plagiarism checking etc. Our customers are always the 1st priority – that’s why we always improve, and we want to help others improve their skills too!

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    Our Courses

    We have brought together different courses from a wide range of Internet marketing subjects, including Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-Commerce, Online Paid Advertising, Web Analytics and Email Marketing. You can take one subject or a few subjects, or you can complete the whole course. We make learning process simple. Everything is designed to be accessible even for complete newcomers: courses are separated into logical and easily-digestible steps, including practical tasks, quizzes and tests to check what you learn as you go along. Expert help is provided for every task and you get feedback for your tests.

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    Course Available 24/7

    As Digital Academy is a distance learning course, our services are available 24/7. You can study at convenient time at your own pace. The only requirement for getting a certificate is passing all tests according to deadlines – we all respect each other’s time and try to be punctual. It will give us enough time to check your work and get back to you with feedback on time.

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    Future opportunities

    After completing Digital Academy course with a passing grade, you will get enough knowledge for a Junior position in SEO and online marketing. The most talented students will get a job offer from Devellar!


Digital marketing

The term “digital marketing” was first used in 1990. Its goal is to reach and engage with customers via digital sphere, using electronic devices connected to Internet. Main platforms for communicating with audience are websites, apps, social media and email.

2.95 billion
Active internet users

2.03 billion
Active social media users

From start till end

Selection process


Participants will be selected according to results of English test – you will need to show upper intermediate level in order to read and understand course materials. The test will be available right before course starts.


The most successful students will be selected to participate in advanced course, which will include practical tasks and Q-A sessions in Devellar office in Kyiv.


Upon the end of program you will get enough knowledge to start working as a junior SEO or online marketing specialist. The most talented participants will get a job offer from Devellar for a full-time position!

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Is an industry where buying and selling of product or service goes online. It has the same rules as offline world - market, customers, products, advertising etc. But due to great ability of tracking, e-commerce is the best industry to work with.


(Search Engine optimization) - are all activities done to a site in order to increase its positions in search results and earn more organic search traffic. SEO is merely used for eCommerce sites that won't earn money without high positions and traffic.


Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. The important thing in Social Media is real people who use it and their social interactions


Internet paid advertising is a traffic source that attracts potential customers for a price, unlike free search engine optimization or social media traffic sources. There are many types of paid online advertising, ranging from sponsoring whole sites to pay-per-click advertising in search engines and banner ads.


Web analytics essentially monitors how visitors use different pages and features on a website. For example, how many people read the top articles in an online newspaper or view different products on a retailer's site.


Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. It allows marketers to connect deeply with customers through unequely relevant offers and measure the results instaneosly.

  • Victoria Klochkova

    Marketing Intern at Google Ukraine

    Digital Academy is a unique program for young specialists to deepen into the world of online marketing. In fact, for me it was the first fundamental step in career of marketing specialist. Diversity and comprehensiveness of disciplines being studied helped me understand how online market and e-businesses function. Also, practical part of the course is great – you implement all the knowledge once you are done with the theory and get your own ready project by the end of the program.

  • Max Shliapnikov

    Associate Account Strategist at Google Wroclaw

    Digital Academy is indeed a great first step for young people who want to enter the world of digital marketing and e-commerce. The course itself is exciting, promising and highly useful, so at the end of my studies I’ve got all necessary skills and knowledge to be able to work in this dynamic area. Learning together with other bright and motivated people in this unique start-up atmosphere is a great experience that I would definitely recommend. I am really grateful to all tutors and administrators who made it all possible!

  • Dmitriy Kirilyuk

    SEO Specialist at Devellar

    Hello, guys! I am really glad that I was one of the participants in DA course and now I am grateful for all the knowledge and experience that I received from my mentors. I think that DA is a great opportunity for everyone to start a career in the field of internet marketing. The only thing you need to do is working hard and you will see your success. Concerning the program, it can be useful for both-people who has some experience in SEO and for the people who decided to start it from scratch. I know that you want to try it, so good luck!

  • Oksana Demchenko

    SEO Specialist & Project Manager at Devellar

    For me Digital Academy was a great chance to start learning online marketing and turn it into career in the future. All materials were interesting, up-to date and easy to understand for a person with no prior experience in this field. You don’t just learn, you immediately use your knowledge solving quizzes, practical cases and creating projects, and it keeps you in motion even more. The course greatly inspired me to learn more and continue working in this diverse and dynamic sphere. Trends and tactics always change, so digital marketing will never become a routine.

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